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Intentional Living with Jennifer

Our Services


Group Yoga Classes

Small and inclusive community felt like classes focused on cultivating awareness, connecting within and aligning the mind, body, and spirit. Classes include yoga philosophy, meditation practices, breathing exercises (pranayama), and a variety of asana (yoga) poses.  All levels welcome. 


Private Yoga Sessions

60 minute sessions tailored to an individual's yoga goals. Private instruction aims to deepen one's yoga practice, increase confidence, and ask questions in confidentiality. Private sessions are recommended for those new to yoga, prefer to work one-on-one with an instructor, or are looking to improve strength, stability, and mobility. 


Inspirational Coaching

Supportive and encouraging one-on-one coaching sessions focused on inspiring an individual to create a fulfilling and enriching life. Sessions help an individual to create goals, examine and navigate any challenges associated with such goals, and provides resources, tools, and practices to reach the desired goals. 

Hello and Welcome to J Conroy Yoga! 


My name is Jennifer, and I’m all about living your best life! I believe life is what you make it, which includes the ups, downs, good times and the not so good times. What I’ve learned through the years is that what matters most during these constant ebbs and flows of life is how you choose to perceive and maneuver through them, rather than the actual changes themselves. 


I haven’t always been the best at going with the flow, and there are still times I experience resistance and even frustrations, but I look at these moments as an opportunity to grow. I’ve come to notice that life has a way of showing you where you need to grow, even when you may not be fully open or “ready” for it...

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